• From the makers of Hunt A Killer, the world’s #1 murder mystery subscription and Death at the Divebar, comes another thrilling investigation that can be played in one sitting!
  • An authentic journey that will make you feel like you are solving a real-life murder mystery—perfect for date night, teaming up with friends and family for game night, or playing on your own.
  • Solve puzzles, piece together clues, consider all the evidence, and solve the crime. It’s like an escape room delivered right to your front door!
Murder at the Motel game contents

Welcome to The Sunset Hotel. Not much has been put into this sleepy, 10-room desert motel until an out-of-town contractor comes along to renovate. Over the course of Julian Foard’s stay, he builds many relationships with the small-town residents, including a romantic one with motel housekeeper Veronica Rodriguez. After Veronica discovers the body of the contractor in one of the rooms, the police suspect her ex-fiancé, an escaped convict, is to blame. However, the housekeeper knows that other guests staying at the motel that weekend could potentially be the killer. Help Veronica bring Julian’s true murderer to justice.

Channel your inner detective to investigate the murder at The Sunset Motel. Uncover the potential means and motives of each suspect through clues, puzzles, and physical evidence. Use journal entries, motel security, police reports and more to help guide you through a challenging and immersive experience with tons of twists and turns along the way.

MSRP: $29.99
Medium (level 3)
Play time
: 45-60 minutes
Number of players: 1-5 players
Recommended age: 14+


Record: At the Sunset Notebook
Put on your detective hat
Sort through notes, create timelines, pore over evidence, and confirm alibis to crack the case and catch the killer.
Padlocked Box
Solve puzzles
Hunt A Killer is packed with puzzles and clues that are not for the faint of heart. But the reward is well worth the effort. Every puzzle will unlock details about the events and characters that were involved in the murder of Julian Foard.
Guest relations cards
Leave no stone unturned
Our team of true-crime aficionados have meticulously created a living, breathing world where you become a part of the story. Each suspect has a detailed backstory, distinct handwriting, and other forensic details that will help you eliminate them from your list of suspects.


People playing a Hunt A Killer game together
An All-In-One Experience
Solve an entire investigation in one sitting. This is perfect for family gatherings, to play on the go, or if you want to see what it’s like to Hunt A Killer.
Seed packets from game evidence
Handcrafted Evidence
This box is packed with evidence that you can actually touch and feel. Everything from the autopsy report to the items found at the crime scene are designed to place you in the role of lead detective in a homicide investigation.
Person examining evidence with a magnifying glass
First-In-Class Experience
Hunt A Killer is the world’s premiere murder mystery company. Since 2016, we have been putting you in the detective’s seat and challenging you to Hunt A Killer.
Help When You Need It
Worried that it will be too challenging? Each case has a dedicated hints page that offers non-spoiler hints for each item in the box as well as solutions if you are really stuck.


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