Collection: Murder Mystery Party Week

Bring our games to life for your friends and family by creating the perfect atmosphere for a murder mystery party: playing, deducting, and solving a wide array of crimes. Whichever deviously daring death-centered puzzle you chose to unceremoniously or unassumingly attempt you’re sure to have a without a shadow of a doubt goodtime. Our games will challenge you to find the killer and bring them to justice whether the participants of your murder mystery party is your first case or you’re a seasoned professional. Don’t worry, no previous experience required as the risk, riddles, and fun remain the same either way. 

How do you get started with a murder mystery part? What’s needed for you to become the next star sleuth?

1.Chose one of our mystery games

2.Gather your party of family and friends

3.Solve the crime and catch the culprit

4.Leave those gathered in step 2 speechless with your wit

We offer a variety of killer games to keep you guessing across multiple landscapes and scenarios. The glamor of Hollywood makes for the perfect setting for dreams to come true and murderous mystique. The classic whodunit will thrill with familiar yet unexpected twists and turns for the traditional gumshoes out there. For those that prefer something a bit more racy, you can find yourselves stuck in the middle of a spooky back woods murder where not everything is as it seems, of course. 

Every game comes with everything you need to play including character booklets, clues and instructions so there’s no need for piecing things together as you’ll be doing plenty of that once the game begins. Keep it fresh by grabbing a new game this month or jump between the ones you have as you take your mystery-solving to the next level using one or all of our party tips.