Our beloved Katie was found dead at Stella Park, and we want to know:


The police have arrested her boyfriend, Teo, but there’s NO WAY he did it. He loved her, and would never hurt a woman!

Katie was a light around Stella Park, and angel of the midway. And someone killed her and is STILL OUT THERE.

PLEASE help us draw attention to this case, and help us find out what happened to Katie!

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Someone MURDERED Katie Dunn, and my son Teo has been wrongfully arrested!

Katie and Teo had been dating, and he simply ADORED her. He would have NEVER hurt her. She was a sweet girl, always willing to help out. She was always welcome in our home.

Katie’s body was discovered inside the ride our family owns on the boardwalk here in Brittany Beach, the Scream-a-Rama.

Teo was the one who found her. He always does a walk-through before he opens the ride for the day, just to make sure things are running smoothly. He said he tried to help her, but it was already too late.

They police never saw Teo as anything other than a troubled kid up to no good on the boardwalk. They assumed it was him from the start.

And, look, I’ll be the first to admit that nobody who works here is exactly what you’d call an upstanding citizen. But the authorities, they’re all perfectly happy to write us off as lowlifes and thieves. They arrested Teo without even looking at anyone else.

There has to be something that will help identify what happened to Katie, and help save Teo from being blamed for something he didn’t do.

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