We mourn the loss of Gail Llewyn, owner and matriarch of the legendary Llewyn Vineyards.

They say she killed herself. But we ask: really?

A beloved member of our local community, a lioness managing a million-dollar business, and a caring, nurturing mother just, one day, decides to kill herself?

Something here stinks. Throw in her greedy family, with sketchy connections, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that something here doesn’t add up.

We demand to know the truth about what happened to a very important leader in our community.

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My grandmother, Gail Llewyn, has been murdered.

My name is Avi Chauhan, and I’m honestly out of my depth at the moment.

Before her death, my grandmother was the head of the Llewyn Vineyard and Winery. In addition to running the vineyard, Gran essentially ran the family itself. Up until several weeks ago, when she died very suddenly.

The night of her death, most of my immediate family met for a dinner party on the vineyard’s grounds to celebrate my cousin Sterling’s 21st birthday. It was a private, outdoor dinner at the pavilion; there were no visitors or staff on the grounds at all.

The next morning, Uncle Ellis found her in bed, deceased. At first it seemed as though she died from natural causes. However, my family (cont.)

requested an autopsy in case there were any genetic conditions the rest of her blood relatives should worry about (she had bad kidneys, but we weren’t sure if that was it). When the autopsy came back, there was no question that Gran had poison in her system.

An official investigation has been opened, but the officers are acting like they’re sure it was self-inflicted. Believe me when I say this: Gran
would never do that to herself. Somebody must have poisoned her.

Nobody else in my family seems to care about how suspicious the circumstances of Gran’s death were. They’re all too busy fighting over who should run the vineyard now and scouring the house for the most recent version of Gran’s will.

I feel sick to my stomach when I think about it: A member of my own family must be a killer. As much as I wish that none of this was
happening, I owe it to Gran to find the truth, and I can’t do it alone.

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