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Hunt A Killer

Murder Board Kit

Murder Board Kit

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Calling all hard-boiled detectives, amateur sleuths, paranormal investigators, and whodunit enthusiasts! 

You can’t run an effective investigation and catch a murderer if you’re constantly losing evidence and spilling coffee over your case files. Get everything you need to stay organized and feel like a pro with our OFFICIAL Hunt A Killer Murder Board Kit. Develop your theories, visualize the evidence, and make connections with this all-inclusive detective cork board setup.

Each Murder Board Kit includes:

  • Six 12”x12” cork board tiles, configurable to your detective style.
  • Two detective highlighters for illuminating the facts.
  • One skein of yarn for connecting the dots.
  • Five evidence protection sheets to keep your docs safe from blood and gore…or drinks.
  • 20 push pins for keeping maps, timelines, and more tacked in place.
  • One pack of sticky flags for important notes and findings.
  • Wall-safe adhesive for hanging your detective board.

This board kit can be set up however works best for you: as one large cork board, as six small individual boards, in pairs, etc. So however you like to work your case, you’ll be all set to Hunt A Killer.

*Ships separately from subscription boxes.


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