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Hunt A Killer

Killer Cocktails Set

Killer Cocktails Set

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In addition to telling immersive stories, Hunt A Killer has teamed up with Seattle bartender Conner Donovan to produce “Killer Cocktails,” a book of 14 takes on old bar classics with thrilling twists. The book has just what you need to warm up your powers of deduction with cocktails for beginners and seasoned mixologists.

Try your hand at the Modus Operandi (a modified Negroni with a splash of port and bitters) or the more tiki style Butcher Bird with Campari and light rum agricole. This book is sure to claim a prominent spot in any detective’s kitchen.

This set comes with two "Detective Juice" Mule cups so you have something in which to put your freshly mixed libations. Perfect for Friday night sleuthing.


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Complete Set includes: - Killer Cocktails Original Recipe Book - 2 "Detective Juice" Moscow Mule Cups

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