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Hunt A Killer

Baker's Dozen Premium Game

Baker's Dozen Premium Game

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LAST CHANCE: We are retiring this product once it sells out. Don't miss your chance to play this all-in-one murder mystery game!

You’re about to be mixed up in a baking murder mystery! Or, rather, a murder-in-progress mystery.

As the producer on America’s most-popular baking competition show, you’ve uncovered a murderous plot: one of the five remaining contestants is planning to poison a judge during the semi-final episode! The icing on the cake? If you tell anyone about the poisoning, it could alert the killer and give them a chance to escape.

To prevent a death and save the show, you’ll have to sift through the evidence, determine which contestant is a killer in disguise, and catch them before the final course is served! Can you rise to the occasion and solve the Baker's Dozen?


  • Plentiful Puzzles: Puzzles that require critical reading or creating a timeline

Product Details

Save some dough by ordering this Premium experience. During one of America's greatest baking shows, a contestant is planning to poison a judge, and you are the only one who can stop them. Can you rise to the occasion and catch the killer before the final course is served?

This all-in-one game box includes:

  • Vibrant Baker’s Dozen gear that doubles as important clues in your investigation.
  • Handcrafted ciphers, puzzles, and clues to help you solve the mystery and save a life.
  • Five delicious cake recipes, developed in the Hunt A Killer Test Kitchen, that you can serve up alongside your baking mystery.

Baker’s Dozen is solvable in one sitting and does not require a subscription to play. With a difficulty level of one out of five stars, it’s a perfect for cooking competition enthusiasts, murder mystery game fiends, or as an introduction to the world of investigation for young detectives.

Parental guidance is suggested, but this Hunt A Killer game is made to be family friendly, making it a fun addition to a kid’s birthday party, family night in, or sleuthy sleepover. You can expect 2–5 hours of gameplay.

Do you have what it takes to Hunt A Killer? Immersive, story-driven board games for you to play alone or cooperatively. Sort through evidence, decode ciphers, piece together clues, and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered right to your door.

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