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Hunt A Killer

Dead Below Deck

Dead Below Deck

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After a riotous night of drinking and partying aboard The Old Thunder, a premier luxury yacht, passenger William Bonnys finds himself embroiled in a sinister murder mystery. Upon entering the sauna to nurse a hangover, William discovers the body of Rachel Veinson, the yacht’s stewardess. Though Captain Javier Rackhams initially rules Rachel’s death as an accident, the passengers and crew can’t help but whisper about the strange circumstances surrounding the death below deck.

And though everyone would like to believe that Rachel’s death was an accident, other strange incidents and stories on board are making it all too clear: those on board are stranded in the middle of the Caribbean with a killer.

Was Captain Rackhams covering up for something when he said Rachel’s death was an accident? Was the lively Rachel at deadly odds with a fellow crew member? Or perhaps she ran into an unsavory guest…Captain, crew, and passengers—everyone is a suspect.



Game Play Elements:

  • Challenging Ciphers: At least one challenging code or cipher
  • Eye for Detail: Especially close reading of the evidence
  • Plentiful Puzzles: Puzzles that require critical reading or creating a timeline

Created by: Ryan Ashkenase & T.T. Madden
Written by: T.T. Madden, Ryan Ashkenase, Abigail Taylor-Sansom, Bonnie Burton, Ian Wood
Designed by: Ryan Ashkenase, Zack Marsh
Game Design by: KC Chaney

Product Details

To solve the mystery and bring the waves of justice crashing down on Rachel’s killer, you’ll have to:

To solve the mystery and bring the waves of justice crashing down on Rachel’s killer, you’ll have to:

  • Learn the inner workings of The Old Thunder and its several crew members.
  • Watch witness statements to suss out lies and deception.
  • Review important case documents for missed details.
  • Examine Rachel’s past and work for connections to suspects.
  • Unravel challenging ciphers, puzzles, and timelines.

Can you unravel the mystery of Rachel’s murder before The Old Thunder reaches port back in the States and the killer escapes?

Dead Below Deck is an all-in-one box experience, so you don’t need a subscription to enjoy this fishy murder mystery. You’ll need to use both the box’s physical evidence and digital evidence to crack the case. This kit includes handcrafted, realistic clues like:

  • Vacation maps, brochures, and tickets
  • Personal notes from the victim and suspects—each with distinctive handwriting
  • Recorded witness statements
  • The victim’s personal online drive
  • Locked boxes and other puzzles

Made for 1–5 players and 45–90 minutes of gameplay, Dead Below Deck’s high-seas and high-stakes mystery game works well for a game night with fellow crime crackers, a unique date night, or just fun night on your own.

We recommend this below deck mystery for audiences aged 14 years and up. With a difficulty rating of two out of five stars, it’s a good fit for those who like a mild to moderate challenge with lots of fun included.

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