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//6.5.17 Smart Bitches Trashy Books: Hunt A Killer Subscription Box

Hunt a Killer is a relatively new subscription service that may be of interest to the true crime, thriller/mystery loving members of the Bitchery. It’s essentially an ongoing, monthly puzzle that will have you poring over the contents of the box, endlessly Googling to work out each piece of “evidence” sent to you.


//6.5.17 Woman's World: Win A 6-Month Subscription To "Hunt a Killer" (print)

Fan of mysteries? Enter for five chances to win a six-month subscription to "Hunt a Killer" - you'll receive a monthly box full of clues to a fictional murder mystery that you use to "investigate" and solve the crime!


//6.2.17 TopDown Reviews: Hunt A Killer Review | Can you Solve The Clues?

You’ll need to step into the mind of a killer to solve the clues in this monthly subscription. If you think being a detective is easy, think again. Discover just how engaging sluething is in my Hunt A Killer review.


//5.25.17 Woman's World: Win A 6-Month Subscription "To Hunt A Killer"

If you always felt like you would have made a great detective or always figure out the culprit when watching your favorite murder mystery series, then try your sleuthing skills on the chance to win a 6-month subscription to Hunt A Killer — a monthly membership box that allows thrill-seeking minds to solve intricate, ongoing, fictional murder mysteries!


//5.11.17 Inside the Magic: New "Hunt a Killer" Mystery Subscription Box Tests If You Can Stop A Serial Killer

Monthly murder, mystery, intrigue, and more can now be delivered to your doorstep – from the mind of a serial killer. ‘Hunt A Killer’ wants to know if you have what it takes to to stop this murderer.


//5.9.17 Pajiba: Hunt a Killer Brings True Crime To Your Doorstep

Picture if you will a young Righetti lurking around the basement of her two-family home in Queens, red plastic framed glasses sliding down her nose as she peers around the basement steps, holding her place in a yellow hardcover Nancy Drew book with one finger. 


//4.14.17 WBAL-TV: Essex-Based Murder Mystery Membership Gaining Popularity (online/TV)

A warehouse in Essex is the scene of the crime ... sort of. It is really the scene of Derrick Smith's called Hunt a Killer.

The Baltimore Sun-logo.png

 //4.13.17 The Baltimore Sun: This Essex-based Murder Mystery Subscription Box Challenges Players To 'Hunt A Killer' (online/print)

After weeks of waiting, Michele Sexton finally receives the piece of mail she's been waiting for.

The Perryville resident pulls out a large orange envelope filled with a crumbled paper ramekin, a map, a redacted news article.

She fumbles with a smaller already-opened envelope labeled "friend" and removes an eerie letter. It's written by a serial killer-type, and this won't be the last she hears from him.

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//4.7.17 We Write Things: Fancy Yourself a Modern-Day-Sherlock? Test Your Skills With Hunt A Killer

Have you ever wanted to alarm half of your office with a single sentence? Try this one: I’m going to be doing some murder research at lunch if anyone wants to help.” To be honest, it didn’t really work for me, but it might for you. I got a handful of “tha fuck?” looks, but I also had five instant volunteers. 90 percent of my little office would go on to join in eventually, trying on their own detective hats and taking them for a test drive.


//3.31.17 Baltimore Business Journal: How I Help Customers Hunt a Killer (online/print)

The box from Hunt A Killer includes a picture of a swan, a news story with select words redacted from it, a map of the stars and a letter from a mysterious “John William James.”


//2.14.17 SAVOTEUR: 10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas Inspired By Movies

Have a valentine who knows more details about serial killers than her own tax returns? Follow in the footsteps of The Nice Guys (2016) and channel your inner detectives for the night by tracking down a murder mystery dinner. If you can’t find one, apply for a membership to Hunt a Killer, put your heads together and work through the clues. Dressing up as your favorite detective is optional, but this may be your only chance to wear a deerstalker cap. 


//2.1.17 Bustle: I Hunted A Killer For A Month & Guys, Being A Detective Is Harder Than It Seems

I'm pretty sure that after watching Making a Murderer, it was everyone's secret desire to be a police detective. I know it was not just me who got so into the mystery that I actually looked into the qualifications one would need to be a real Detective Olivia Benson for the NYPD, or something of the like... I'm also probably not the only one who took one look at the necessary qualifications and realized that dream is probably never gonna happen for me.

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//12.15.16  Bustle: The Curated Serial Killer Box, "Hunt A Killer," Is The Perfect Last Minute Gift For Anyone =- And Yes, I'm Serious

I think it’s safe to say that we all have that one friend (or, those 10 friends) obsessed with murder mysteries. That person in your life who listens to Serial on repeat, marathons Making A Murderer in a single weekend, and seems to always have some sort of crime series on in the background no matter the occasion. If this sounds like one of your friends, then it’s time to help them become a homicide detective with the curated Hunt A Killer box — a monthly subscription service that allows people to solve intricate, ongoing, fictional murder mysteries. It's pretty much the perfect last-minute gift to give anyone you've been struggling to shop for — especially because Dec. 15 is the last day to order a subscription to guarantee Christmas delivery. (So hop on that, and pronto.)

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//11,16,16 BuzzFeed: 24 Subscription Boxes That Do Nothing To Help You Get Out More

21. The Hunt a Killer subscription box is perfect for anyone who stays up watching Dateline: Real Life Mysteries and yearns for a mystery of their own (without all the horrible real-life consequences).

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//9.30.16 Fast Company: Hunt A Killer: Taking The Murder Mystery Party To The Next Level

If you were asked to identify the day job of someone spearheading the development of a something described as a live-action immersive thriller experience, "Naval Surface Warfare Officer" might not be your first guess.

On second thought, perhaps it would be, if you happened to know that the military officer in question got his entrepreneurial sea legs in event production with his business partner about five years ago, developing a zombie-themed version of one of those now seemingly ubiquitous adventure races.