Hunt A Killer murder mystery games bring your average game night to new heights with engaging stories and unique ways to play. Combining physical evidence with interactive digital gameplay, our story-driven games provide an immersive way to test your detective skills.

Choose from three game types to find the perfect fit for you, whether you’re looking for a game to complete in a single game night, a longer experience, or an ongoing gaming experience.

New to Hunt A Killer?
Check out our crash course on how to hunt a killer.


Solve a thrilling murder mystery and get a taste for Hunt A Killer with a complete game in one box. With a variety of stories to choose from, including some family friendly themes, you’ll be sure to find the right box for you!

Solve Time: 2-10 hours
Number of Players: 1-4 (or more)


What you’ll need: A clear space to arrange all the evidence, a sharp eye for detail, a digital device (phone, tablet, laptop).

Simply open your box to gather your evidence, and start looking for clues!

Newer games come with instruction, but older games are self-directed, giving you a more traditional detective experience.

  • Date Night

    Impress your partner with your investigatory skills!

  • Game Night

    Host a game at home or bring it to a friend’s party.

  • Rookie Gumshoes

    New to Hunt A Killer? Have fun and get cracking!


Get ready to solve a crime with an extensive story, details, evidence, and a sprawling web of intrigue and mystery. These six-episode games were games previously featured only as a subscription. Box sets bring the challenge of a longer case without the commitment of a membership or having to wait month-to-month.

Solve Time: 10-15 hours
Number of Players: 1-4 (or more)


What you’ll need: A clear space to arrange all the evidence, a sharp eye for detail, and a digital device (phone, tablet, laptop).

These seasons are told in episodes, and each box is in sequential order. Discover new clues, make breakthroughs, and move on to the next box until you’ve solved the case.

  • Experienced Detectives

    If you’ve played Hunt A Killer, but you don’t want to wait each month for a new episode, get them all at once.

  • Setting Your Pace

    Take your time, or try to set a record. You’re the lead detective on the case!

  • Regular Meetups

    Invite your friends each week, have several date nights all planned out, or get the family together.


Subscriptions are our original Hunt A Killer experience. Gather your wits, your friends, your powers of deduction, and solve a case lasting the course of six boxes. This immersive, expansive experience is the way Hunt A Killer was meant to be enjoyed.

Each new episode—or box—unlocks the next step in your case while introducing new challenges. If you’ve chosen a 12-month plan, after the first six months, you’ll move on to the next season, which is a whole new story and another set of six episodes to solve. As long as your membership is active, you’ll never run out of new games!

Solve Time: 2-3 hours per month
Number of Players: 1-4 (or more)


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1. A new box, or episode, will be shipped to you either monthly or quarterly depending on the plan you choose.Don’t want to wait? You can have your next box shipped immediately from your account page.

2. Thoroughly go through the box and familiarize yourself with the characters and case.

Be sure to use the digital experience to see extra evidence and content, including custom cocktail recipes and music playlists.

3. Eliminate a suspect(s) each episode until you’ve found the killer.

Track your progress and access digital evidence straight from your phone with the free Hunt A Killer app for subscribers.

  • Total Immersion

    Become a detective. Live, breathe, and experience every aspect of a case.

  • Ongoing Gameplay

    Continue your journey as a detective with a new case every 6 months.

  • A Trial Run

    See if Hunt A Killer is for you for less than a single night out. Cancel anytime.

Try out a quarterly subscription, save by subscribing to an entire season, or save even more with a full year’s membership.


How to Play Hunt A Killer

Solving a murder case with Hunt A Killer is just like a true crime investigation. If you love true crime, you might be familiar with the concepts and investigatory tools employed in our boxes. Examine crime scene evidence, inspect suspects’ personal effects, read autopsy reports, and determine the means, motives, and opportunities of suspects.

  • Means

    This is how the murder was committed.

    Examine evidence and clues to find the cause of death.

  • Motive

    Identify which suspect(s) had the motivation to kill the victim(s).

    Hint: Suspects with no motive likely are not the killer.

  • Opportunity

    Opportunity is the ability for the suspect to commit the crime.

    Compare alibies and the timeline to discover which suspect(s) had the opportunity to commit the crime.


We highly recommend creating a dedicated space for your gameplay and using tools such as a murder board to help you organize evidence and visualize connections between suspects, places, evidence, and crime scenes.

If at any time you become stuck on a puzzle or cipher, or want to check the solution to a game, check the included inventory card for a link to the game’s Hints and Reveals.

When you unbox a Hunt A Killer game, be sure to check your evidence against the game’s inventory card to be sure you have everything. Although rare, a missing clue could mean the difference between solving the case and becoming stuck. Should any issues arise, please visit our Missing Items page.