Founded in 2016 by childhood friends and business partners Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith, Hunt A Killer is a fast-growing entertainment company disrupting conventional storytelling by delivering immersive, interactive entertainment experiences to over 100,000 subscribers worldwide.

Hunt A Killer started as a single event that blended the concepts of escape rooms, interactive theater, and live entertainment by engaging participants in a 200-acre living crime scene. From that first foray into entertainment, we learned invaluable lessons, including how to truly immerse our audience in our experiences and the importance of learning from our audience.

In October 2016, Hunt A Killer launched our flagship monthly subscription box to 56 subscribers. Hunt A Killer has continued to learn and grow, evolving its products and distribution model to double our business year-over-year. Today, we ship 150,000 episodic and complete mystery game boxes direct to consumers each month and sell purpose-built games through retail channels.

In 2019, Hunt A Killer was named one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies, and in 2020, we placed 6th in the INC 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies.

Hunt A Killer is now working on additional ways to distribute our revolutionary content including licensing and digital channels, to immerse more people in our stories.

With this in mind and a course set for the horizon, we continue building a diverse team of creative decision-makers because together, we can do anything!