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  • From the makers of Hunt A Killer, the world’s #1 murder mystery subscription and Death at the Divebar, comes our first ever murder mystery jigsaw puzzle game!
  • Just like our other games, this is unlike any other jigsaw puzzle that you’ve played before—perfect for a unique date night, teaming up with friends and family for game night, or playing on your own.
  • Solve puzzles, sort through clues, solve a murder mystery, and catch the killer!


Fred Jackson Jr., the co-owner of Do Not Not Donut was killed behind the counter while opening up the shop. You will assume the role of a deputized detective trying to finish the work of ace investigator, Detective Frage. Along the way, you’ll put the pieces together to reveal the crime scene, answer the lingering questions in the Detective’s Notebook, and choose the right pieces from the Answer Board to fill in the blanks and solve the case. 


Whodonut? has six blank pieces, a detective’s notebook, and an answer board, each vital to identifying the killer. Detective’s will have to analyze the puzzle to answer the questions in the notebook and unlock the final pieces that they need to solve Fred Jackson Jr.’s murder.


  • Whodonut? has six blank pieces, a detective’s notebook, and an answer board, each vital to identifying the killer.
  • This 1000 piece puzzle has a story behind it. First, you’ll solve the puzzle. As a deputized detective, you’ll also have a notebook which contains the details of the crime, information about the victim, and interviews with the three suspects. 
  • The notebook contains six unanswered questions about the case. Answer them correctly to complete the puzzle and solve the murder. 

This is not a traditional Hunt A Killer murder mystery game, it is a story driven jigsaw puzzle!


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An All-In-One Experience

Solve an entire investigation in one sitting. This is perfect for family gatherings, to play on the go, or if you want to see what it’s like to Hunt A Killer.

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Handcrafted Evidence

This box is packed with 1,000 puzzle pieces, a detective’s notebook with six unanswered questions about the case, and an answer board with 24 potential answers to help you solve the case!

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First-In-Class Experience

Hunt A Killer is the world’s premiere murder mystery company. Since 2016, we have been putting you in the detective’s seat and challenging you to Hunt A Killer.


Help When You Need It

Worried that it will be too challenging? Each case has a dedicated hints page that offers non-spoiler hints for each item in the box as well as solutions if you are really stuck.


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