Toby Mendia

Toby Mendia was taken from us, under strange circumstances, while doing what he loved: photography.

The authorities would have us believe Toby was killed in an accident while in the wilds of Alaska, killed by a wild animal, but
none of their story makes sense. His wounds reportedly don’t match an animal attack, and some of the people who he was out there with have different stories to tell.

We DEMAND a full investigation into Toby’s death. He died too young, and his family and friends deserve the TRUTH.

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RIP, Toby Mendia

Thank you for your interest in wanting to find out what happened to my friend and colleague Toby Mendia.

I’m Ami Takahashi, a graduate student of zoology at Whitlock University. Toby Mendia, a fellow graduate student here at Whitlock, had joined the expedition as their photographer.

Unfortunately, the trip was cut short. Toby died five weeks before the expedition was planned to end. The press release from Whitlock says that he was the victim of an animal attack, “despite all possible precautions.”

Toby was a good friend of mine. I live pretty far from my family, but he always made sure to include me on holidays so I never had to spend that time alone. The reminder that I won’t get to have Thanksgiving in his tiny apartment ever again… Whatever happened on that trip, this is the last chance I have to take care of Toby the way he took care of me.

I took on the job of archiving what was left of the expedition. To make peace with his passing, I wanted to find anything that indicated Toby
was happy in the weeks before he died. What I found instead were dozens of documents that just didn’t line up with the story the university had told us. I’d trusted the official narrative, and I’d believed what happened was just a terrible accident. Now, I’m not so sure.

I’ve been reaching out over the past couple of months to the other members of the expedition, but they’ve been avoiding my emails and
dodging my calls. I don’t always listen to my gut, but it’s telling me that something is deeply wrong.

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Ami Takahashi