Do NOT believe the news reports!


Nick Webster, proprietor of the Old Scratch Tavern, was MURDERED


He did NOT jump, or slip, off the cliff behind his bar.


Nick had complained of being HARASSED, tried to draw attention to some bad actors in the area, and was IGNORED. And
now he has paid with his LIFE, and the authorities want to just sweep it under the rug?


We are NOT going to let that happen! We want justice for NICK!


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I think my boss, Nick Webster, the owner of the Old Scratch Tavern, was murdered.


The official story is that Nick was drunk, lost his footing and fell off a cliff, but too many strange things happened in the months leading up to his death for me to believe it was an accident.


The thing is, Nick had been seeing the devil. For months he’d been telling anyone who’d listen that there was someone, or something, lurking out in the woods behind the bar. At first, everyone assumed he was just exaggerating, but there was no way he could be making up the creepy notes he was getting, or the dead animals on the doorstep, or the fires that kept flaring up near the building. Someone was
trying to scare him, maybe even scare him to death.


On the night he died, I’d just closed up when he came out of the office and said he’d finally figured it out. Before he could explain, he saw someone outside and ran off into the woods. My back was to the door, so I didn’t see anyone. By the time I turned around, both Nick and the devil were gone, and all that was left was a small fire burning outside. After I put it out, I waited for Nick, but he never came back.

After his death was ruled an accident, I found proof that the devil was real—finally caught on camera, like Nick had been trying to do for
months. I took the evidence I’d found to the Sheriff, hoping it would change his mind, but he didn’t care that Nick really was chasing after
someone that night. I went out to the place where he died, and I don’t think the authorities even bothered to look any further than the spot
where they found Nick’s body. There was caution tape down on the rocks, but nothing up on the top of the cliff. The ground near the ledge
didn’t look like it had been examined, and if the authorities had been there, there’s no way they’d count out foul play. Somebody in a devil
mask really was there that night, and whoever it was pushed Nick off that cliff.


I know I’m close, but I’ve still got questions I can’t answer.


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