It is with tremendous sadness that we mourn the loss of Nathan LaPalma, and demand his killer be brought to justice!


Nathan was a POSITIVE role model in the world of figure skating and deserves to rest in peace. The police have dragged their feet every step of the way, unable to solve the case and implying that it was one of his beloved students that did it.

Nathan’s murderer is still out there and must be caught!

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Thank you for your interest in wanting to find out what happened to my coach, former Olympic champion Nathan LaPalma.

My name is Sofia de la Torre, and my figure skating coach of over a decade was murdered last month. His throat was slit with a figure skate blade that belonged to me. I’m currently the prime suspect.

I know I’m a stranger, but I’m begging you to help. I would never hurt Nathan. He was my idol, my mentor, and, to be honest, my only real friend. I need to see to it that his killer doesn’t get away while the police waste valuable time interrogating me over and over and over again. They’re so convinced I did it that they’re not considering any other leads.

Nathan was the only stable, non-judgemental presence in my life. Nathan cultivated my passion for skating, regardless of what I won or didn’t win. He made me laugh when I felt like crying and listened to me whenever I needed to vent about what it was like at home. He just wanted me to have fun and learn to get up when I fell down.

The thought that I can help solve this case is honestly the only thing keeping me from falling to pieces right now. I’ve never done anything
like this, but I’ll do my best to get up to speed so that we can work this thing out together.

I need you to figure out what happened to Nathan in order to prove my innocence, and find justice for a great man.

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