It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Beth Ferris-Hendricks.

But we do NOT accept the explanation of her tragic death!

Beth would never take her life – she was a mother. Beth would never jump to her death – she was afraid of heights. Beth would never do anything to hurt the Mallory Rock community – she loved it too much.

Beth was a blessing to all who knew her. A devoted wife, caring mother, and energetic leader, the impact she made during her
short life will be remembered forever. She had a happy life on Mallory Rock, the island where her family has lived for twelve
generations. She was a community leader and friend.

Something happened to Beth, and someone knows exactly what that was.

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Thank you for your interest in wanting to find out what happened to my sister, Beth. Six weeks ago, my sister’s body washed up on North Beach. She had a huge gash in her head, so the cops think she fell from a nearby bluff and floated in on the tide. They ruled her death an accident.

I’d believe them, but Beth was scared of heights, and I mean absolutely terrified. My gut tells me there’s no way she fell from anything taller than a stepstool.

My sister was murdered.

Her personal life was a little messy. She was married to this loser from high school, Joey, and I don’t think it was going well. She wouldn’t
give me a ton of specifics.

The last time I saw her, it seemed like something was wrong. The day of her murder, we met at the hotel I run to talk about our mom. Beth
was late, and then as much as I tried to get Beth to focus, she was somewhere else, and then she had to go. If she would have just talked
to me we could have figured it out, whatever it was.

And now she’s gone, and the truth is out there.

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