Shortly after the start of the New Year, an old man is found dead in his home. Police enter the home and find a bloodstain on the couch, a strand of hair on the counter, and a bullet casing on the kitchen floor.  After inspecting the body and conducting a thorough forensics report, police determine this is a homicide case and that the man was killed between 3 pm and 4 pm. The man's home is in a small town in upstate New York, so police are able to immediately identify some possible suspects. The suspects include the wife of the old man, a local gardener, the mailman, the bartender from the local saloon, and the old man's neighbor. They begin the interview process and each suspect provides an alibi:

The wife says she was at the grocery store buying some eggs.
The gardener says he was planting his tomatoes in his garden.
The mailman was out delivering mail.
The bartender was serving his customers at the bar.
The neighbor was at the shooting range practicing his aim.

Police immediately identify the murderer. Who killed the old man?


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Answer: The gardener killed the old man. Tomatoes don't grow in upstate New York right after New Years.