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THE Date Night Activity for (True Crime) Lovers

Hunt A Killer: an immersive murder mystery game that’ll keep you and your partner off your phones and cracking cases instead.

Feel like a real-life detective

Exciting puzzling experience

6 “Episodes”, 1 mystery

Delivered right to your door

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6.0 Million

Games Shipped


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Channel Your Inner Detective

Fun & Immersive

A challenging and engaging game that’ll keep your brain teased—and your hands off your phone.

Single or Multi-Person Play

Crack cases solo or combine forces with your partner to solve murder mysteries together.

Ongoing Guessing

One mystery, 6 boxes. Let the guessing games continue with a new gripping episode every month.


Play Guide

a man and a woman discussing a play guide

6 boxes—or “episodes”—delivered to your door every month.


Feel like a real-life detective


Examine the evidence to uncover critical clues, corroborate alibis, create timelines, and more.


After the sixth installment, crack the case and bring the murderer to justice.


Monthly Mystery Box

Solve a mystery over the course of 6 sequential boxes delivered to your door every month. Each box—or “installment”—comes complete with clues, police reports, and whatever else you need to crack the case.

basic plan mystery box


$34.99 /month

Billed Monthly* + $3.95 S/H**

Easily cancel anytime

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full plan mystery box



$27.50 /month

$165 Upfront, Billed Every 6 Months*

+ FREE Shipping

Easily cancel anytime

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double season mystery box plan



$25 /month

$300 Upfront, Billed Annually*

+ FREE Shipping

Easily cancel anytime

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* Your subscription automatically renews at the end of the billing term.
** Domestic shipping is $3.95/mo. Additional international shipping rates apply.
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Still Sleuthing?


Hunt A Killer is an immersive murder mystery game told over the course of six “episodes” or boxes. Each case is filled with enthralling stories, intriguing clues, and compelling evidence, ensuring an engaging journey as you unravel the truth.


No, you cannot solve subscriptions in one session. However, you can expedite boxes if you want your next episode sooner than next month.


Fear not, detective. Our online community is filled with fellow members who love sharing tips and discussing theories. Also, each episode has a dedicated page that offers spoiler-free hints as well as solutions if you are really stuck.

How long does each box take?

One box takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours to complete. The experience is designed to challenge and entertain both seasoned detectives and those new to the mystery-solving scene.

How many people can play at once?

Whether you prefer solo detective work or teaming up with friends, Hunt A Killer accommodates various player counts, making it perfect for thrilling solo adventures, cozy date nights, or entertaining group gatherings for game night.

what if i just want to try it?

Choose the monthly subscription plan and if you are not satisfied, simply cancel your membership before it renews. However, with thousands of 5-star reviews we think you’ll love it!

Join 4.5 Million Others on the hunt

Fun for a date night!

Fun for a date night! Puzzles/codes were cool, and figuring out the timeline is interesting and can be challenging. My boyfriend and I look forward to a new box every month. It’s such a great activity to do together and definitely tops dinner and a movie!

— Carrie C.

Verified Buyer

Perfectly challenging

Such a fun way to engage actively in something for those that want to "do something" and feel accomplished, but don't necessarily want to get out of the house. Just the right level of challenging to keep you interested, and feel satisfied when you solve something! Found ourselves really getting into the story and the various characters, thanks to the vivid details picked up along the way through various pieces of evidence and trinkets!

— Rones P.

Verified Buyer

Love love love

Love love love! Being a mom of two (and one of those being a small toddler), I don’t have much time for hobbies or time for myself but this subscription allows me to spend a couple hours after everyone goes to bed to focus on something that I find interesting, without the interruption of other people. I am a problem solver at my core and this is something that really gets me interested and focused - three hours can go by like 15 minutes!

— Brittany C.

Verified Buyer

Challenging & fun for all

This is a great subscription box. The cases draw you in and make you feel like you are really a part of the environment. The goals for each box are balanced well enough to offer a challenge to all players, but yet also allow all players to feel comfortable playing. Something else I like about it is, I do these boxes with my 13yr old and it is teaching him to slow down, pay attention to all of the details and make educated decisions once the facts are laid out in front of him.

— Justin B.

Verified Buyer

Hunt a Killer is AMAZING, you won't regret it!

I can't believe I have not come across Hunt A Killer sooner, but I'm glad I finally did! Every single one of their boxes, whether it be a premium where you get everything in one box or a season with multiple episodes/boxes to solve, are incredibly well thought out, detailed and very entertaining. And there are even real items you can actually touch! All the boxes I have done have been amazing (and I've done a lot), you will not find a bad story.

— Jennifer H.

Verified Buyer

10/10 Experience

I have done the Mallory Rock investigation so far, and let me tell you, I won’t be stopping anytime soon. I got it as a Christmas gift and became obsessed with this amazing entertainment experience. I really like the cyphers and the way the game engages different boxes together. Some of them were easier than others, but every episode kept me super entertained and me and my boyfriend had great date nights figuring out the killer.

— Deborah J.

Verified Buyer

“An Escape Room in a box”

Hunt A Killer has been challenging our real-life detectives with life-like mysteries since 2017.

Carrie Kelleher's team on Hunt a Killer
Diana Michelson's team on Hunt a Killer
Karla Menendez' plan on Hunt A Killer
Lauren Korellis and her teammate holding cases on Hunt A Killer
A female player holding a bracelet on Hunt A Killer
Lexi Bethea and her teammate's plan board on Hunt A Killer
A team solving cases on Hunt A Killer while sitting on the floor
A happy boy and a cat with clues and case on a table on Hunt A Killer

America's #1 Murder Mystery Game for A Reason

Monthly boxes

Sequential storyline

Evidence, scripts,
& audio elements

Deep storylines
& characters

Multi-person play

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