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"... a massive, intricate murder mystery. Does this not literally sound like a dream come true for any true crime fan?" - Bustle

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How It Works

Become the Detective

Receive your box of clues. Solve the mystery. Reveal the murderer.


Join thousands of true crime, serial killer, and puzzle game enthusiasts in our private Facebook group.


Your first episode ships same-day. Fun, thrill, and suspense then arrive at your doorstep. Every month.



Here's a sneak peek inside box #1. You receive the following clues. It's then up to you to piece it all together. Every month, the plot thickens, and you get closer to revealing the murderer. "Insanely fun and addicting." 

Get Totally Immersed

Hunt a Killer is quite the production to put on. High-quality, hand-crafted clues get you lost in the fictional world and make you feel like you're solving a real murder.

We created an entire fictional town, Chestnut Falls, just for this new season of Hunt a Killer. But we gave it every detail necessary to make it feel like a real town in Illinois... including a fully detailed map.

Explore hand-crafted police records. What's a clue? What isn't?

Get to know the entire graduating class of '98 with the authentic Yearbook that comes in your first box.

Authentic newspaper clippings will make you wonder if this really is a game...

The insignia of Chestnut Falls High School. Just your average, small town high school... right?

This is all highly secretive and confidential. Any leaks could alert our killer that we're on their trail. Maintain the integrity of the investigation.

The Story


package arrives at your doorstep. Eagerly, you tear it open, and what is inside? 

A map... A yearbook... A blacklight flashlight... Police records? Yes... And more. But what arouses your curiosity the most is the letter addressed to you, personally.

It's from a private detective who has just been tasked with solving a vicious murder in her home town of Chestnut Falls, Illinois.

She's too close to the case to solve it alone. It involves someone she knew as a child, Charles MacDonagh, who is -- was -- the town's pharmacist.

What's most peculiar about this case, however, is the timing... It occurred during the reunion of Chestnut Falls High School, when everyone was back in town, and spirits were high.

But in this quaint, small town where you can hardly throw a rock without anyone knowing about it... How did someone get away with the murder of one of the most well-known figures in the community? 

That is for you to solve, Detective, should you choose to accept this case, and find out what horrors Chestnut Falls, Illinois hides...

Ready, Detective?


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"The way it all falls together is just amazing." - Leon O., Member
"If you love true crime then this is for you!" - Angela B., Member
"It gives you a rush - deciphering every inch of the box and contents to see what clues you can find."- Jen C., Member
"I finally feel accepted in this group of serial killer enthusiasts."- Shana B., Member
"I love being able to get inside a mystery and exploring it from the inside out. I get to be the detective!" -Heather H., Member
"This has been my dream, to investigate mysteries and murder like this!"- Kathleen L., Member
"Getting lost down the rabbit hole of this mystery has been a ton of fun!"- Jeff H., Member
"My husband and I use it to spend time together."- Joy V., Member

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions start at just $25 per month.

And you can cancel any time. But fair warning: It's addicting! Once you start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the tale alive.

Who creates the physical clues & stories?

We have assembled a team of true-crime aficionados, writers, artists, and game designers who write and design each season from scratch.

Their specialty is hooking you in, keeping you on the edge of your seat, and creating an experience so immersive you and your fellow detectives will look forward to the next thrilling episode of Hunt A Killer every month!

How many stories are there?

While each "season" is 6 episodes (6 months) long... the story never ends. It's like a gripping TV show that keeps going -- only you're the star of the show, Detective.

Can I upgrade my subscription after I start?

Yes! If you would like to lock-in the lower rate for your boxes and you know you want to play the full season after trying the month-to month subscription, you can email customer support at sam@huntakiller.com and we will assist you.

Please do not purchase a new subscription if you want to upgrade as you will end up receiving duplicate episodes!

I have other questions! How can I reach out?

We have more FAQs here, and if you still have questions and want to chat with our customer support team just click here.

Ask any and all questions you have. We'd love to answer them.


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