Welcome to The Moon Summit Mystery

Hints & Reveals

This resource is designed to encourage your progress through the season on an episode-by-episode basis. If you find yourself stuck at any point in an episode, you can access that episode’s Hints, Reveals, and Solutions page to get back on track.

How To Use

  1. Select the episode number you’re working on (found on your box’s inventory card)
  2. Use the password from your inventory card to gain access.
  3. Select an item to display a drop-down box that has info about only that item.
  4. “HINT” items help you crack a code or puzzle.
  5. “REVEAL” items are the solutions to those codes or puzzles.

The Moon Summit Mystery

Private Investigator Michelle Gray has another baffling case on her hands, and she needs your help. A graduate student named Toby Mendia appears to have died from a fatal bear attack while on a scientific expedition in Moon Summit Park, Alaska. Although the case closed in the summer of 2018, a friend of Toby’s has reached out to Michelle, thinking there might be something strange surrounding his death. Was Toby murdered? If so, why—and by whom?

  • Dedicate a space to sift through evidence.
  • Organize your evidence with a Murder Board.
  • Gather your resources: pens, highlighters, notebooks, and other investigative tools.
  • Read everything:
    • Case File: Read through detailed primary documents, ranging from autopsy reports to handwritten diary pages.
    • Physical Evidence: Examine and interact with unique objects connected to the crime.
    • Digital Elements: Continue the investigation online through functional in-story websites.
  • To complete each episode:
    • The P.I. will give you a new assignment to complete each episode. This assignment will involve sending her a message through the contact form on the shared desktop.
    • In her letter, she will give you a specific subject line to use in your message and ask you to put a specific answer to the assignment in the body of the correspondence. Be sure to do this! If you don’t, your message might get lost.
    • To receive her response, be sure to include your email in the sender line of the contact form. After sending the message, you will receive a response shortly.

Each episode ends with action on your part to piece together that episode’s bit of the mystery. For Moon Summit Mystery, this isn’t just about eliminating suspects. You’ll be called upon to piece together all aspects of the case. Follow the P.I.’s assignments to advance the investigation.

This season features an in-game hint system. In her letter, the P.I. asks you to send her a message titled ‘Nothing Found’ if you get stuck. In her response, she will give you a few tips on how to approach your assignment.

Alternatively, you can visit the Hints page to receive further hints for documents, items, and puzzles in each episode.