Welcome to Curtain Call Hints & Reveals

This resource is designed to encourage your progress through the season on an episode-by-episode basis. If you find yourself stuck at any point in an episode, you can access that episode’s Hints, Reveals, and Solutions page to get back on track.

How To Use

  1. Select the episode number you’re working on (found on your box’s inventory card)
  2. Use the password from your inventory card to gain access.
  3. Select an item to display a drop-down box that has info about only that item.
  4. “HINT” items help you crack a code or puzzle.
  5. “REVEAL” items are the solutions to those codes or puzzles.

Curtain Call

Private investigator Michelle Gray needs your help with yet another perplexing mystery. A woman named Julia Adler has recently found a mummified corpse in the attic of her family-owned theater. The remains belong to the famed actress Viola Vane, who notoriously disappeared in 1934. Now that Vane’s body has been unearthed after decades, you can finally investigate the million-dollar question: Who orchestrated the vanishing of Viola Vane?

  • Dedicate a space to sift through evidence.
  • Organize your evidence with a Murder Board.
  • Gather your resources: pens, highlighters, notebooks, and other investigative tools.
  • Be sure to hold on to every piece of evidence—you never know when a new clue might help to recontextualize something you’ve already seen!
  • Examine everything:
    • Case File: Read through detailed documents, ranging from forensic reports to handwritten correspondences.
    • Physical Evidence: Examine unique objects connected to the crime.
    • Digital Elements: Continue your investigation online with in-story websites.
  • To complete an episode:
    • Your contact will give you an objective to complete each episode. To communicate that you’ve completed this assignment and to share your findings, follow the instructions at the end of her letter to send her a message.
    • In her letter, she will give you a specific subject line to use in your message and ask you to put a specific answer to the assignment in the body of the correspondence. Be sure to do this! If you don’t, your message might get lost.
    • After sending your message, you should receive a response from your contact.
  • Each episode ends with your action to piece together another aspect of the overall mystery. In Curtain Call, this isn’t just about finding evidence and eliminating suspects. You’ll be called upon to uncover all aspects of the case – including the suspects’ secrets and their relationships to Viola, as well as to one another. Follow your contact’s assignments to advance the investigation, but examine every document closely to reveal the full story of the Cadence Theatre.

    If you send your contact an incorrect answer, don’t worry! Julia will reply to you with suggestions to help you advance your investigation.

    If you are having trouble reading the handwriting on certain documents, transcripts are available on the virtual desktop.

    For help with specific puzzles and codes you encounter in an episode, visit the Hints page. Click on the “Hints” for spoiler-free tips on solving ciphers and puzzles in each episode, or expand the “Reveals” to find explanations of the coded messages.

    You can also visit the Recaps page for each episode to receive a walkthrough of how to achieve the overall objective of each episode.