Hunt A Killer
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1-Month Gift Card
  • Save $38 (like 1 month FREE) compared to the retail value.
  • Covers shipping for your recipient (continental U.S. only).
  • Can be applied to new 6-Month (Full Season) and 12-Month (Double-Season) plans.
6-Month Gift Card
  • Save $100 (like 3 months FREE) compared to the retail value.
  • Covers shipping for your recipient (continental U.S. only).
  • Can be applied to new 12-Month (Double-Season) plans only.
What plans are available for gift cards?
To ensure recipients enjoy at least one entire season, our 6-Month and 12-Month plans are available.
Where should I ship the gift card?
Wherever you want! We collect shipping and billing details separately so that you can pick where to send the gift, but we recommend shipping it to yourself so you can gift it in person. If you do ship it directly to the recipient, be sure to let them know who it's from!
Are gift cards available for international orders?
Yes, however, due to system limitations, shipping costs for both the gift card and the redeemed subscription are high at this time for non-domestic U.S. addresses. We do not recommend international customers purchase our gift cards or gift them to an international recipient.
Can gift cards be used on products other than subscriptions?
No, at this time gift cards are only applicable for Hunt A Killer: Mystery and Hunt A Killer: Horror subscriptions.
• Will the subscription automatically renew for the recipient?
Yes, the gift card will apply towards the recipient's initial subscription purchase, then the subscription will renew at the end of the term chosen. The recipient can cancel at any time before a term ends to stop the auto-renewal from billing them.
Can the gift card be used to continue an existing subscription?
No, the gift cards can only be redeemed for new subscriptions at this time. However, if your recipient already has a Mystery subscription, their gift card may be applied to a new Horror subscription (and vice versa).
Where can my gift recipient redeem this gift card?
I have more questions, where can I find answers?
You can reach out to our customer support at