We have two subscriptions to choose from, Hunt A Killer: Mystery (for fans of true-crime) and Hunt A Killer: Horror (for fans of paranormal horror).
To ensure recipients enjoy at least one entire mystery, our 6-Month and 12-Month plans are available for e-gifting.
A sender chooses and pays for a subscription plan to gift a recipient. An email will be sent to the recipient for them to claim their gift. The recipient will be able to enjoy the gifted subscription at no cost to them.
Only for subscriptions they do not have. For example, someone who already has a HAK: Mystery subscription can not be gifted a HAK: Mystery subscription. However, they can be gifted a HAK: Horror subscription.
Yes. A promo code that you are eligible to use when purchasing a subscription product may also be applied to e-gifting subscriptions.
E-gift recipients will get the offer applicable to their subscription and plan on the day they redeem the e-gift you’ve chosen.
No problem! Recipients will add and confirm their own address upon claiming their gift.
No. At this time e-gifts can only be shipped to domestic addresses in the U.S.
You can reach out to our customer support a [email protected]