Q&A: What Is Hunt A Killer?

Mary from Baltimore asks:
Is any information available on this? The video doesn’t provide much. Is it a sports event or just something that teams of sleuth wannabes would be interested in?

Thanks for the great question Mary.

Hunt a Killer is an event that blends many elements across multiple industries and relies on a certain amount of mystery. 

We do our best to explain the event without giving too much away.  Here’s what we can tell you:

Hunt a Killer is an athletic event.  

Participants will be on the move.  Teams are encouraged to run simply because they are racing the clock to find the Killer.  Hunt a Killer will involve physically demanding obstacles (climbing trees, maybe some swimming, crawling through the mud, etc).  Physical challenges will often be rewarded within the experience and will lead teams to the Killer.

Teams will need more than muscle to win.

The Hunt a Killer experience involves more than your typical adventure race.  Teams will be required to solve puzzles, collect clues, and make mental connections in order to successfully catch the killer.

Hunt a Killer provides a brand new type of environment.

Teams will venture into a 200-acre campground dedicated to the Hunt a Killer experience.  There will be wooded trails to explore, indoor and outdoor crime scenes to investigate, and actors in character to interact with and observe. 

Hunt a Killer is a mentally and physically challenging experience designed to engage participants on multiple levels.  We hope you can make it.