5 Insane Reasons To Hunt A Killer

1. It’s never been done before. Ever.

There’s no other event that provides so many different kinds of challenges – testing teams’ mental and physical stamina.  Hunt a Killer provides a mind-bending reality – the experience is designed to make you ask: “Is this real?”

2. You think your team can win.

Brutal honesty: you probably won’t.  Successful teams will fill weaknesses with strengths and press forward in the face of uncertainty.  Are you a true leader?  Can you recruit the right combination of brains and brawn?  The reality is, Hunt a Killer will be too challenging for most teams.

3. You’ve seen True Detective and want to live it. (just for the weekend)

Se7en, Dexter, Zodiac, The Silence of the Lambs, Criminal Minds, etc. – these movies and shows fascinate you.  They might be your guilty pleasure, or maybe your passion.  No other event gives you the chance to enter the investigation – the Hunt a Killer experience will have you screaming, “What’s in the box?!”

4. Hunt a Killer is rated R.

You’re going to see some messed up stuff.  Hunt a Killer is designed to be disturbing, and the deeper you go the weirder it gets.

5. The chance to enter the mind of a killer.

Sick? Sure. But there’s something fascinating about serial killers.  We crave understanding for the misunderstood.  We want to know why and how monsters become monsters.  Hunt a Killer will let you work through these questions on your terms.