6 killer strategies for recruiting your team

We get it - it’s hard to recruit FIVE people to conquer Hunt A Killer with you.  So we’ve built a list of tactics to help you build your killer team:

1. Our Facebook Event is your best friend

Facebook makes it a CINCH to tell people about the event.  You don’t even have to share or tag, all you have to do is “Invite”.  Click here and select “Going”.  Then hit “Invite” and select “Choose Friends”.  What, do you have 500 friends?  600?  1,000?  Invite them… all of them.  There will surely be five that will jump on this with you.

2. Triple Date

We can’t think of anything more romantic than hunting a serial killer -- there’s danger, there’s problem solving; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.  You and your significant other just need two other couples to form a great team.  (Don’t forget, there will be food, drinks, and dancing to end the night)

3. Find your Social Planner

If you’re having trouble building your team, maybe you aren’t the social planner type.  That’s ok.  Everyone has that friend that organizes the road trips, plans the parties, and is that social butterfly.  Find your go-to social planner and let them do the work (they like this kind of stuff).  You can still take credit for the idea.

4. Co-Workers

They may not be your go-to social group, but your co-workers are always a good way to build a team -- working together is one of the keys to Hunt a Killer.  Hell, you might even be able to pitch Hunt a Killer to your boss as a team-building event.  If your plans turn corporate, send a note to sam@huntakiller.com and we can share our special corporate team building packages (did someone say catered?).

5. Social Sport Leagues

Social sports teams are a great resource. If you’ve already played on a social softball, kickball, dodgeball, [insert sport here] team, you know a group of people who enjoy fun and challenging experiences.  Hunt a Killer is right up their alley.   

6. Convention and Festival tribes

If you’ve gone to ComicCon or Firefly, you know there’s a pack mentality when attending those events. Hunt a Killer is ready for your tribe.  Call up your festival crew and get ready to invade Darlington.

Bonus TIP: PayPal is a great way to organize team registration.  You will be able to collect your team’s registration fee in no time.