What is a "rated R" experience?

Hunt a Killer boasts an R rating and an age restriction – Why?

It would be easy to label Hunt a Killer a huge and gory haunted house – but that’s not accurate.

Yes, there will be blood and guts, but…
A “Rated R” experience is much more than a few shocking moments with screams and chainsaws. Hunt a Killer goes beyond masked actors hiding behind trees.

A Rated R experience draws you into a story
Much like some movies and television shows, Hunt a Killer participants will be asked to concentrate on mature themes: torture, mutilation, sexual violence, etc.

It won’t be pleasant, but it will be captivating
Hunt a Killer will provide some gruesome scenes but the experience goes further.  Participants will need to ask important questions like: How did this happen? Who did these horrible things? and Why are they doing it?

Hunt a Killer is a Rated R Experience because it is designed to tell a mature story to mature individuals.

We’re excited, and you should be too.