6 Secrets To Surviving A Hunt A Killer

#1. The Hunt is happening Right Now

By reading these tips, you’re already a part of the Hunt.  Hunt a Killer’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each may contain clues, hints, and codes.  

#2. Build a Great Team

Teammates who enjoy each other, work well together, and bring varied skills to the table will be the most successful. 

#3.  Experience the Experience

Hunt a Killer is an immersive experience – let go and be present.  Don’t forget to experience the experience. Teams who buy-in to the Hunt a Killer reality will be most successful and have the most fun. 

#4. Pay Attention

The Devil’s in the details and hunting a killer will require a keen eye for the small stuff.  Participants who pay attention will be able to complete challenges quicker and connect the dots to see the big picture. 

#5. Question Everything

Hunt a Killer isn’t designed to be easy – the clearest path may not be the right choice.  Be sure to question everything because too much time spent on a red herring may lead your team to failure.

#6. Remember It’s a Game

Hunt a Killer is a game, so don’t forget to play it: discover rules, form strategies, and compete.