Q&A: Will it be too crowded?

Tanner from New Jersey Asks:
The video suggests that there are 200 teams at once - one team per acre? How do you keep it from getting crowded?

Thanks for the great question Tanner.

The Hunt a Killer experience is designed to accommodate 200 teams of 6 – and yes, everyone will be hunting at the same time.

Without giving too much away, each team will have multiple paths to choose from within the experience, and these choices continue to compound throughout the event.

No single team will have the same exact experience – but all teams will be immersed within the Hunt a Killer “reality.”

If any crowding occurs it will be by design.  The Hunt a Killer location is equipped with interior and exterior features (cabins, out buildings, wooded trails, etc.) that will allow teams to be united and isolated at the discretion of the game.

Again, thanks for the question. Seems like you’re already analyzing and trying to figure out the event.  Join us on October 1st and try to Hunt a Killer with that big ol’ brain of yours.