Become the homicide detective you were always meant to be

Do you love spending time studying cases and coming up with theories? Now is your chance to put your sleuthing skills to the test, and see if you can catch a killer.

Hunt A Killer is a brand new, one-of-a-kind interactive mystery experience that provides an opportunity for armchair sleuths to put their amateur skills to the test and experience what it’s like to live as a homicide detective. With documentary series like Netflix’s Making A Murderer, HBO’s The Jinx, and the Serial podcast, the popularity of the genre known as “true crime” has recently skyrocketed, prompting many people to realize that they are not alone in their obsession with the darkest possible mysteries, nor are they alone in their obsession with solving these crimes from the comfort of their own homes.

Hunt A Killer members sign up to receive monthly deliveries from a “Hannibal Lecter-type” correspondent that form a picture of a fictional murder. The boxes contain clues—letters, cyphers, photographs, official documents, and objects of interest. Over a three-month period, members are asked to study the various pieces of evidence and try to solve the murders themselves. Just like a real investigation, everything must be studied in grueling detail; sometimes clues are hidden within clues. Members are also encouraged to join the online Hunt A Killer community where they can share theories and go over evidence together, all in hopes of catching a serial killer and receiving “trophies” after each successful hunt… no spoilers though.

Hunt A Killer is the brainchild of active-duty naval officer Ryan Hogan and partner Derrick Smith. In 2011, they started Run For Your Lives, described as a live-action immersive thriller experience. Run For Your Lives was a five-kilometer obstacle course that had participants at the center of a zombie apocalypse. Their next project, Live Hunt (previously called Hunt A Killer), is described as a “living movie,” where 200 teams of six are put into a 200-acre crime scene and given three hours to try to solve the murders and catch a serial killer.

The participants are not just detectives looking over a crime scene—they become part of the story themselves. The experience is full of incredible detail; described by Ryan in an interview with Fast Co Magazine as containing “a lot of sick stuff:” sights, sounds, and even smells. A twisted, real-life version of a “choose your own adventure” book, there are many different ways to get to the same conclusion, just like a real investigation. The event takes place once a year, located at Camp Ramblewood outside of Baltimore, and will now be supplemented and enhanced by the monthly deliveries from a killer correspondent.

Today marks the official launch of the Hunt A Killer Membership. Called “Creepy as f*ck,” and “A one-of-a-kind interactive membership,” another member has stated, “If you’re bored with TV, this is for you!” Don’t be a passive observer. Find out what it’s like to be right in the action, with your hands on the evidence and your mind on the clues. Sign up now, memberships are limited to 500 a month. Don’t be left behind, just like a real investigation, lives are at stake.