Behind True Crime is a biweekly conversation with different types of people working within the genre of true crime: criminologists, writers, directors, podcasters, detectives, and more. 


BTC is hosted by C.W.S., our true crime blogger. She has a Masters degree in poetry and has long been obsessed with everything related to the mysterious, especially the true crime genre. When she was a kid, she would spend every Friday night studying America’s Most Wanted,dreaming of becoming an FBI detective. Well, that didn’t pan out, but now she is ready to pull back the curtain on the genre she has loved her whole life to learn what it takes to work within this controversial, emotional field.


C.W.S. aims to get to know each individual and gain both an understanding of their work, as well as how their work has affected the way they see the world. With a strong knowledge of true crime and a love of poetry, psychology, and philosophy, C.W.S. hopes that Behind True Crime will reveal even more about the hearts and minds of both the subjects of true crime and the people behind the work. BTC exists to attempt to answer the whys of true crime. Why is true crime important? Why do these things happen? Why are we so obsessed?


Join us as we try to find the answers to these questions and many more.


Episode Three:

Dr. Katherine Ramsland is a world renown expert in criminology who has written over 60 books and appeared on television documentaries on all major networks, as well as extensively on Investigation Discovery. She holds a Ph.D in philosophy from Rutgers University, as well as graduate degrees in clinical psychology, forensic psychology and criminal justice. Her books include titles like

Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the "BTK" Killer,

Beating the Devil's Game: A History of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation

The Mind of Murder: Privileged Access to the Demons that Drive Extreme Violence,

Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today

Blood and Ghosts: Paranormal Forensics

She also writes a blog for Psychology Today called Shadow Boxing, which attempts to “probe the mind’s dark secrets.” Katherine has always obsessed with what she calls, “everything that is unseen,” going beyond criminology and into the realm of vampires, ghosts, and the occult. So join me as I delve into myriad of mysteries that have long fascinated Dr. Katherine Ramsland and into the personality of one of the most fascinating people working in true crime today.

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Episode Two:

This episode features an interview with the amazing Catherine Townsend, a sex and dating columnist turned private investigator. Catherine owns her own detective agency, writes for Investigation Discovery, and discusses cold cases on her blog, The Love Detective. In conversation with host C.W.S., Catherine shares her experience as a PI, both on private cases, like infidelity, and cold cases. We're talking disguises, stake-outs, weapons, and more.

She also shares with us how dating is a whole like like investigating.

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Episode One:

Amanda Howard is an Australian author who has been writing to incarcerated serial killers for 25 years. A true crime writer and researcher, Amanda shares her first-hand understanding of the psychology of these brutal individuals through their letters and art. On this episode of BTC, Amanda shares her experiences, as well as how she uses what she has learned about these types of personalities in her regular life.


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Shrouded Echoes
Rope: A History of the Hanged
A Thousand Cuts
How to be an Author (with Ashton Cartwright)

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Killer Australia: Death and Destruction Down Under
Killing Time: Tales of Terror and Torment
Life, Death and Other Funny Stories

BTC is produced by Hunt A Killer, the monthly murder mystery subscription box, check them out at and use the code BEHIND for 10% off your first order.

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