Hunt A Killer Backgrounds
Enjoy some free Hunt A Killer backgrounds that you can use as
wallpapers or video chat backgrounds!
To save, you can either:
A. Right click a thumbnail below and select "Save link as..." (message may differ depending on your browser).
B. Click a thumbnail which will open the full image in a new tab. Right click the image and select "Save image as...".

The backgrounds below are 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Murder Board: Show off your detective skills with your very own Hunt A Killer murder board in the background.
The Stalker:This perfect living room seems to have a visitor. Meeting participants will be surprised when they finally see it!
Curtain Call: Pay homage to our current season "Curtain Call". Use this background to add the creepy factor to any meeting.
Detective Gray: Knock-Knock! Looks like you've arrived at Private Investigator Michelle Gray's office. Real Hunt A Killer fans will know!
Crime Scene: Hold your meeting in the middle of an active murder investigation. What could go wrong?
Fanatic:  For the Hunt A Killer super-fan, this background is to die for...
How to import into Zoom:

1. Open your Zoom app settings.
2. Go to the "Virtual Backgrounds" tab.
3. Click the "[+]" icon to add new images from your computer.
4. Your new backgrounds are now available to use in Zoom.