100,000 People Are Solving A Murder at Home with Hunt A Killer

Hunt  a Killer | Solve the Case
Looking to join in on the fun? Hunt A Killer is a monthly murder mystery box where you’ll get a box full of clues, ciphers, and puzzles delivered right to your door. You can sign up and star in your own homicide investigation, starting at just $25 a month. Use this link and the code FLASH20 for 20% off your first box!

Hunt A Killer—the fun, fictional murder mystery game, is blowing up right now. The immersive escape-the-room-style game mixes challenging puzzles with a complex and immersive story that you can play at home. The company has grown exponentially since its launch in 2016 and they recently announced that they have 100,000 active subscribers. That’s 100,000 amateur detectives working hard to crack the case! I guess the result of everyone binge watching those Netflix true crime documentaries is the urge to actually SOLVE A MURDER.

 So many clues to go through! Perfect for a fun and unique  “night-in”.

What exactly is Hunt A Killer?

Hunt A Killer is a murder mystery game that positions players as detectives in a twisty and interactive storyline.

Your goal? Sift through evidence and decipher clues to complete the main objective in each box—whether it be finding the murder weapon or eliminating a suspect. Each box builds on the last until you have enough information to catch the killer as the case unfolds over the course of six boxes

The clues are so detailed and include things like letters, newspaper articles, crime scene photos, codes, and ciphers that are written and developed in-house by a team of full-time writers. You feel like you’re stepping inside the mind of a homicide investigator and it’s so fun to follow the trail of clues that lead to the killer’s identity (if all your detective work adds up!)

Break the popcorn out, it’s crime solving time.
Hunt A Killer | Fun Date Night!

Included in the First Box:

  • A letter from a detective that explains the case
  • Old-school forensic and police reports that are a little too realistic
  • Handwritten notes from the victim and some suspects
  • A Broadway playbill from the 1930s with pictures and descriptions of all the prime suspects
  • Personal effects that may also be clues!
  • A handy dandy notebook to take down detective notes and theories
  • Some stage directions that may or may not contain some sort of hidden message 
  • A “start here” booklet and access to an online portal where I can get more info about the case and hints (which I REFUSE to use)
  • I also got this amazing “murder themed” cocktail book and moscow mule mugs when I pre-ordered a six month subscription!
Lots of family time? Hunt A Killer together!
Play in a group or with your cat!
Hunt A Killer | Event Cats Love HAK!

After playing the first box I can honestly say I was very impressed. Everything is super detailed and it’s actually pretty challenging. I was playing this by myself, so when I got stuck trying to solve a puzzle I went to one of their Facebook groups to ask for a little help. They responded almost instantly and pointed me in the right direction without giving anything away. 

After identifying the murder weapon (the main objective for this box) I emailed my contact to confirm my theory, turns out I was right! I couldn’t wait another month for my next box so I asked them to ship it early. All in all, it was a good 2.5 hours of investigative work that was really unlike anything else I’ve done before.

And checkout this killer family photo.
Hunt A Killer | Fun for the Family!

And I’m not the only one, they have thousands of Five-Star reviews like these:

So don’t wait! Check out the Hunt A Killer website and fill out their application to see if you have what it takes to be a detective. And if you don’t think you can handle a full six-box investigation, check out their non-subscription products which include horror and sci-fi themed experiences!